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Welcome to galibelle Canada.

galibelle is a unique, comfortable, interchangeable shoe concept. All our products are handmade in Brazil.

A few years ago my wife and I were backpacking across Europe when we stumbled across a galibelle shoe store in Barcelona Spain. It didn't take Lisa long to see the fantastic concept of these sandals. I could see her excitement as she described the unlimited variety of straps she could take on our next trip. Meanwhile, I was excited about all the money we could save not having to buy shoes lol (Besides, her two hundred pair collection was taking up a lot of space in our closet!).

The concept came from Portuguese entrepreneur, Moshe Azulay.  He knew that versatility and style are equally important for a woman’s footwear and so he employed a team of Brazilian designers to bring his vision of colorful and comfortable designs to reality.

While at the store we made sure to grab a card and ask as many questions about the brand as we could. Of course, Lisa bought as much as she could fit into her backpack. And so our adventure began. After we got back to Canada we started the process of bringing the brand to our friends in Canada. If your wondering where to buy comfortable shoes and boots in Edmonton or Kelowna be sure to check us out.

All galibelle products are hand made in Brazil using only the finest materials.  The comfort of these shoes is simply amazing (so my wife tells me).  We know you will love them!


Phone: 1-844-41-shoes(74637)


Canadian locations

10640 82 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6E 2A7 1-844-417-4637

213 Bernard Ave Kelowna BC V1Y 6N2 1-236-361-8008

You can also contact us at or find us on Facebook and Instagram. #galibellecanada    @galibellecanada

David & Lisa 

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